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Aquavista Apartments

646 6th Street
Newport News, VA 23607

(757) 247-0312

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(757) 247-0312

Who We Are

Aqua Vista provides a privately owned apartment complex with one, two and three bedroom apartments for families.  Eligible families may qualify for government rent supplements. Charges are based on family size and income.  More than half of the apartments are handicap accessible.

Aquavista Apartments has HUD subsidized apartments. This means that Section 8 may be accepted and/or there are apartments that are income based (30% of adjusted gross income) apartments at Aquavista Apartments.

Who We Serve

Languages Spoken
Service Area(s)
Hampton City
Newport News City

Cost & Payment Methods

Fee Structure
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Age Requirements
18 and over
Other Eligibility Criteria
Must have limited mobility, over the age of 62, a victim of a natural disaster, or a person who is on active military duty

Available 24/7
Additional Availability Comments
Closed Friday

Intake Process
Proof of income, an employment inquiry, social sec.statement, welfare statement, disability letter, and an asset statement.
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