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Mind Your Meds: Safe Opioid Medication Use and Disposal

Learn how to safely dispose of opioids and other pain medication in this guide for caregivers and older adults. 



Using pain medication safely and getting rid of the medications when you are done with them is an essential part of your health care.

Become more confident managing your pain medications by watching this program – designed especially for caregivers and older adults like you.

Safe use and disposal of pain medications protects you and those you care about, as well as your community. Let’s do this together!


Mind Your Meds in 4 Steps!

Educate yourself and your loved ones on this vital topic in four easy steps.

♦  STEP 1:  Watch the “Mind Your Meds” presentation. Click on the arrow play button below ►  



♦  STEP 2:  Provide us with some feedback and enter to win a $75 Amazon gift card!


♦  STEP 3:  Use what you’ve learned to assess and clean out your medicine cabinet.



♦  STEP 4:  Tell a friend about the "Mind Your Meds" program!


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This initiative is a partnership of Health Quality Innovators (HQI) and the Virginia Geriatric Education Center, Virginia Commonwealth University.



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