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Social Engagement Tools and Resources

Finding ways to stay socially engaged is important to everyone. There are many tools that can help older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, caregivers, and families find community resources and supports.



Social Engagement Finder

Social bonds have a big impact on health. Positive bonds improve our well-being. Toxic social bonds can be harmful. Social support can protect us from the unhealthy effects of stress.

The Social Engagement Finder on Virginia Easy Access helps you locate resources to connect with people, including programs like telephone reassurance, friendship cafes, companion services and more.

► To explore community services, resources, and supports go to the Social Engagement Finder



Caregiver Tech Tool Finder (CTTF)

Overwhelmed by all the technology options for caregivers? The Caregiver Tech Tool Finder, developed by VirginiaNavigator and its Lindsay Institute for Innovations in Caregivinggives you independent, unbiased recommendations for the best caregiving apps, devices, and other tech. 

Technology has the potential to make caregivers’ lives easier and help support the dignity and wellbeing of the people they care for. Useful tech includes things like apps for wellness, self-care, and social connectedness. Other tech includes medication reminders, caregiving coordination apps, remote monitoring, and smart home devices. But how do you know which tech options are right for you?

► Find technology solutions on the Caregiver Tech Tool Finder (CTTF)



Resources and Tools to Overcome Social Isolation  

VirginiaNavigator has helpful information, resources, and tools on social engagement. 

► Read a selection of articles and resources on social isolation and engagement: 

12 Ways for Older Adult to Stay Socially Connected

Connect2Tools to Overcome Social Isolation 

Loneliness and Social Isolation: Tips for Staying Connected 

Self-Assessment: Is Isolation Affecting Me? 

Social Isolation and Loneliness Resources & Tools

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